By sourcing the best tasting ingredients from Australia and around the world, we believe we have created a ‘next level’ nut bar and oat slice by incorporating premium ingredients including Belgian chocolate, honey from native Australian forests, Australian pink lake salt, chilli from India, sustainably harvested coconut , organic oats and Sri Lankan cinnamon in our recipes.

Pink Lake Salt

Our Pink Lake Salt is seasonally harvested from a vast salt lake in Western Victoria.

It is totally sustainably sourced and is a 100% natural product that is a concentrated store of natural mineral nutrients.

We love its well-rounded mellow flavour.

Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon

Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon is known as true or real cinnamon and is grown without chemicals or preservatives …. it comes from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree that is native to Sri Lanka.

It has a delicate and sweet flavour that is both subtle and distinct.

Finest Dark Belgian Chocolate 

The finest Dark Belgian Chocolate is crafted with traceable cocoa beans 100% Sustainable.

It is rich with layers of flavour that are balanced with a fruity hint … the texture is smooth!

Finest White Belgian Chocolate

The finest White Belgian Chocolate is creamy with a distinct caramel experience and then there is vanilla to complete the story.

It is 100% sustainable. 

Coconut Nectar

Our Worth recipes are gently sweetened with organic coconut nectar from the Solomon Islands where it is harvested in collaboration with the local community.

It is all natural and unrefined and certified organic.

Dried Pink Lady Apples

The dried or dehydrated red skinned Pink Lady Apples are all natural with no added sulphur.

Organic Rolled Oats

Certified Organic, and Australian grown, the oats that we use in our Oat Slice recipes are premium quality, full of goodness, have an easy texture and a wonderful earthy taste.

Australian Grown Macadamia Nuts

The luxury of creamy crunchy Australian Grown Macadamia nuts are the foundation of Worth premium snacks. We celebrate our native nut, which is nutrient rich and supremely delicious, in all our bars and slices.

Native Bush Honey

Harvested from native bush our golden Pure Australian Honey has both earthy and floral notes with a complimentary sweetness.

Natural Bing Cherries

Natural Bing Cherries are sun dried and are full of tart luscious ripe cherry tang.