Happiness lives inside of the smallest moments

Worth Foods is a new Australian family-owned business that is founded on a love of food with integrity. Our goal is to offer a delicious, premium and convenient range of Australian made snack foods using thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Snacks that will never be overprocessed or gimmicky, but are a reflection of the quality of their natural premium ingredients. From nature to nurture our foods are created from the ground up to nourish every layer of wellbeing.

Live for the moments you can’t put into words

Worth Foods is ready to bring to the market a new range of natural products that will offer the consumer nourishing and high-quality snacks that share the joy and pleasure of eating great food.


Play the moments. Pause the memories. Stop the pain. Relive the happiness.

Convenient snacking does not have to be fast and furious. At Worth Foods we believe that enjoying a snack is an opportunity to pause for a moment, even when you are on the go. To us, these are moments worthwhile.

The team at Worth Foods have over 35 years of experience in FMCG, and the healthy snacking category within the convenience and grocery channels. The first phase of our journey is the launch of our new range of macadamia bars, as well as organic oat & macadamia slices. An opportunity to highlight the delicious Australian macadamia nut as our hero ingredient.

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To a mind that is still, the whole world surrenders


By sourcing the best tasting ingredients from Australia and around the world, we believe we have created a ‘next level’  nut bar and oat slice by incorporating premium ingredients including Belgian chocolate, honey from native Australian forests, Australian pink lake salt, chilli from India, sustainably harvested coconut , organic oats and Sri Lankan cinnamon in our recipes.